About the Owners

About the Owners

About the Owners

The owners of Tennessee Lakefront Cottages have a combined 55 + years of experience with income-producing real estate. This team produces!! Tennessee Lakefront Cottages is a family own and family-operated business! Family from every generation has input into this business! Grandparents and children, even the family dog, made their way to the model on the website! But the beauty and the brains ( you decide which is which) of the operation are Jennifer and Roger Niez. Jennifer Niez puts her focus on business operations, accounting, customer service, and vendor management. Having 25+ years of experience personally managing real estate portfolios and assets for high-net-worth individuals, she has fine-tuned her skills to generate rental income while minimizing property expenses. She believes there are at least three solutions to every problem; you just need to be flexible, put on a creative thinking cap and figure out what creates the best scenario for everyone involved! Her southern upbringing primed her for the hospitality business! She is more loyal and loving to her clients than their favorite dog! Only one thing makes her happier than spoiling her clients and that's sending them monthly checks! Uncle Roger is an energy like no other! His natural focus is on the people involved with his transactions! For 30+ years, he has been marketing real estate and closing a high volume of transactions. 

He knows how to generate buzz! Years ago, a client once said, " if Uncle Roger can't market, lease or sell it, then it shouldn't have been built!" That tagline has become his mantra! He has proven it to be true time and time again...... his creative business mind really can efficiently and effectively market, lease or sell any real estate! Besides, no one can say no to that smile of his! Together as a team, they are a force to be reckoned with! Allow them the opportunity to relieve you of the burden of a hospitality business. They want their homeowners to enjoy their leisure time without needing to spend it worried about updating their reservation calendars, addressing guest complaints or getting a hold of the maid to see if the security deposit should be returned. Aren't there more important things to worry about, like how to spend the income?! The common goal at Tennessee Lakefront Cottages is to make arm chair ownership a reality for each of their home owners. " Because everyone needs a little TLC!"

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